Whispark Navigating the Minefield of Online Dating: My Experience with Whispark and the Industry as a Whole

My girl suggested that if you wanna meet women in Ukraine, just try Tinder or Baidu when you go to Kiev or Odessa

Yo, this is my opinion on Whispark. Lemme tell ya, it ain’t cheap, so if you ain’t got no dough and can’t travel, don’t even waste your time. But if you’re willing to put down at least a grand a month and focus on a few ladies that meet your specs, then it’s doable. Make sure you ask about things like language skills, travel ability, divorce status, and kids upfront. And don’t go clicking on every photo or video they send ya, cuz it adds up. https://kissbrides.com/es/blog/espanol-citas-sitios-y-aplicaciones/ Get the top package once a week so you can have 70 chats a day plus credits for other stuff like photos and mail.

So I bought some credits on Whispark and started chatting with this hot Ukrainian chick within a day. She’s 32 and I’m 63, but age ain’t nothing but a number, right? We started getting more and more into each other, and last November she even invited me to Kiev. I knew I was gonna meet her and her only, so even though a few other women wanted to have dinner with me, I declined.

When I finally met her, she was exactly as she advertised herself. We went on a few dates, got real close, and started video chatting almost every day. We were planning to go on a European vacation but then the pandemic hit. But, since I’m a tech dude and can work remotely, I’m planning to visit her this summer and spend some quality time there.

But overall, we’re stoked that we met and our relationship has been pretty magical

I was pretty popular on the site, and everyone I chatted with seemed serious about meeting up. But I gotta say, customer support ain’t the greatest. They’re slow to respond and sometimes don’t even respond at all. Plus, even when both me and my girl asked to have our accounts deleted, they never did it.

My advice would be to just focus on a specific region and plan to travel. You can go to Ukraine now, but you might have to quarantine depending on where you’re coming from. Just remember that these women are sponsored by marriage agencies, so they’ll wanna encourage you to spend as many credits as possible. The credits you buy go to the agency and the site.

Update: Yo, so I’m in Kiev now and having a blast getting to know the babe I met on Whispark. She told me that the women get a cut of what you spend chatting with them and sharing pics, like 10%. So, obviously, they have some incentives there. Maybe we’re just lucky, who knows. But hey, we’re happy with Whispark and we’re both off the site now.

There’s a lot of buzz around Whispark and other dating sites these days, and I have to say, I was lucky enough to find someone special through the site. However, I do have some concerns and suspicions about the industry as a whole.

First of all, the prices on Whispark are absolutely crazy. I spent around $4000 USD before I was able to meet my current girlfriend, and while I never had any issues with false credit card charges, I can see how it could happen.

The women on the site are represented by a “Marriage Agency” and it’s often difficult to have direct contact with them. They sign contracts that can be even more restrictive than those of Whispark, with some agencies only allowing women to provide contact information after spending a certain amount of money on chatting and sharing photos.